Thursday, November 23, 2006

Invading Completion

I have return to Motherland. The invading is finish. I was once molt tears for leave Motherland but now they are spew from my face for leave the Europe. The bounty of its beautiful will stay in my liver for all ways.

I am wish to thanking every comrade who is read and comment on my mission status. The constant knowing of your end less scrutiny filled my lungs with guilt and force me to maintain my post despite all odd: Thank you.

Invading completion.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Lost Again

I am supposing to fly to motherland, but stupid, lazy pilot must get lost again! He fly to Bangkok again! Stupid, stupid, lazy pilot!

I think he only stopping over though, because I am leave again in 5 hours. Not long till homing now.


After explore Egypt we are explore near country call Jordan. Thing are not getting better for invading prospect. Jordan is nothing but rock and death sea with no fish. We travel to some of most special place in Jordan and find nothing but rock and sand.

I can not showing you photo because internet here is breaking, but trusting me, it all just rock and sand and sea polluted with too much salt.

This is not what I is hopes. I have discover rest of world not worth invading. I am give up. I am will returning to the motherland. Tonight!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Egypt End

We have finish exploration of Egypt. We have very extremely interest time but we is can only hope that not all Africa is like it or else it may be not worth invading also. I report just some little of what has happen over long time since last communication.

As I have explore with many comrades and having not many time we are finding a tourerist guide.

His name is Hani and he know every thing about Egypt.

He make us all very interest in Egypt.

Hani take us to many place around Egypt and teach us about many thing like pyramid, temple, hieroglyph, belly dancing and other important thing.

Here is a great pyramid.

Like in Pisa there is strange tourerist custom of take photo in front of pyramid with hand hold out. I do same to fitting in but again I not understand the stupid tourerists. Stupid tourerists.

Egypt are like to build ruined temples just like Europes, but Egypts like to build temple then pull it all apart and move it some where else. Stupid Egypts. Here are two of many we seeing.

This is temple at Philae. They building this one surround by water.

This is temple at Abu Simbel. They building this one surround by rock.

For some stupid reason we are decide to spending all night climbing mountain of some guy called Moses just to watching the sun rising.

It very cold at top so we wear sleep bag. At least we find a comfortable and safe place to sit.

It not really worth it.

At least on way back down we find strange local Egypt cow. It have some thing wrong with its back. Poor cow.

Hani must have very good comrade in Egypt because hotels we staying at is very many better than hotels I staying at in Europe.

Here is our hotel in Dahab. I like it. I think Paul like it too. A lot.

Friday, November 10, 2006


Oh dear. We have arrive in Egypt. Africa is not what we hopes. It is not new. It is not rich. It is very not shiny.

This is Cairo. I think whole city is made of dust.

For past many days I and many comrade have continue to exploring Egypt in hoping of finding place worth invade. We still exploration.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


We are get off primitive island and making to Athens. Here is not so good place I think. There is no sun. There is many rains. There is no warm. But still we try to explore.

All streets in Athens we see is look like this. Grey and wet.

Because city so not good we comrades have meeting to decide what is most sensible thing to doing with our time. We reach obvious conclusion. Have toga party.

Grape vodka and bunk fort making toga party big success idea.

Next day I think we go to different part of Athens because sun is here. It called Acropolis. It is supposed to be sacred place of important temples.

This is supposed to be temple of Athena Nike. I not so impressed.

This is Parthenon. It supposed to be very important. But guess what. It ruined! Just like all other building! Stupid Europe!

After two months exploring Europe I have come to conclusion: It not worth invading. It all ruined. We have decide to leave Europe and go some where that is worth of invading. Some where we hope is new and rich and shiny. We will invading Africa! They are stooding no chance!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Greece Islands

After lying down low we are decide that our trail is lost from super spy Beradino Quatro Fantastico Bellagio so we are sneaky back into Europe through islands of Greece. We are chose to travel over water to making our trail hardest to following. We go by ferry.

Ferry is go very extremely fast. If you standing out side there is many wind to blowing at you. I think it maybe not so safe way to travel as easy to falling off side.

But then I think not so bad. If falling into rushing, violent, turbulent water, some one is just throw life saver and every thing is will be fine.

The first island we staying at is Mykonos. The island is very boring. I think only one builder on island because all building is look the same.

Every building is boring like this one. All are white and blue. Except some. They are blue and white.

We stay in one of blue and white hostel. It was O K, but we get put into very bad room. It is look to east so morning we get wake by sun.

Horrible way to starting day.

Next island we staying at is Santorini. This island just as boring as Mykonos. Look at stupid boring building:

Whole of towns is looking white and blue like boring.

Even church is have blue and white boring. I think Greece is very boring country.

The island is also very primitive. It can be very hard to get from town to town. Seeing what I means:

Main source of transport here is on donkey! Stupid Santorinis.

We have no donkey, so we are have to climb mountain on our feet just to get to places.

Finally we are find electric donkey. This make it much easy to climb mountain.

But even with electric donkey it still slow to climb mountain. Some time we only is get there when sun is set. Oh well.

Friday, October 27, 2006

More Turkey

After Troy we were go southern to Sel├žuk. Here we find an other Troy horse. How many times they get invade all ready? From here we make more explore.

Pamukkale is big snowy mountain, but some how I think sun is so hot that it dry the snow to be hard as rocks. Many tourerist is still go to rock snow even though I not think ski is very good.

I think it must be cool down again because snow is get wet again. I think.

But it still so hot that this lady is have to take off all her clothings.

Next to big snowy mountain is big cemetary call Necropolis. Once again all the building is ruin but still are lot of tourerist. Why they not go see fixed building? Stupid tourerist.

The tourerist all follow a round some guides. I think that child labour is problem in Turkey because some of guide is very extremely young.

There was also big theatre near by. I think it was boring play though because only lady watching is fall a sleep.

Next day we were go to a city that was supposed to be very importance. But guess what. It ruined too. Oh well.

We see what was supposed to be very importance library but it was all big lie. There is only front of building. Inside is most not there and there not even one books!

We also see Hadrian's temple. I not know who is Hadrian, but I think she had long hair made of snake.

Temple of Artemis
We also go to place where supposed to be one of seven ancient wonders of world: The Temple of Artemis. I look all over for it, but I could not find it. Oh well.

I did find a pair of local Turkeys though.